we all start with an idea. a chamber that surrounds this small and safe seed, the life-giving hopes of a dream. But no matter how thin is that veil we can see through, we move towards that illusion to pursue our goal.  
like a mirage for exhausted travelers in the desert, an oasis could be not only the illusion of their goal or their destination, but also a place where our desire for self-improvement can be refreshed.

we need to ask questions we might have no answers for, still we gather the knowledge and we begin our path. some of us hold the society's hand forever but some stand out, stop being led by a herd and are wiling to be comfortable being uncomfortable. maybe we shouldn't fit the mold of society.

because our deepest wishes aren't always true, we continue the search and benefit from the quest. remember that the water from the oasis exists in many shapes, sometimes faded, so it's up to us if we want to put the fire out, no matter how deep it burns. ''the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight.''

in the end we all want to be perfect in order to reach our destination, but the perfection is boring, there is only one of me. Just as Kintsugi highlights the cracks in a piece of pottery with gold laquer, rather than hiding them, we fail to resurrect our shattered parts, as a thriving testament to the beauty of us.
everybody, but everybody will say what a perfect human I would have been if not for my flaws.